Can I get samples of the timber?

Yes you can, feel free to visit us to familiarise yourself with the wood.

Does varnishing, painting or oiling extend the life of a wooden deck?

Yes it does, however one has to way up the cost of continual maintenance of the coating over time. Soft woods or medium density hardwoods like Meranti would need to receive a type of coating to give any meaning full longevity . If one factors the cost of maintenance over time for Pine or a medium density hardwood, then using a class one hardwood should be the most cost efficient option. 

How Durable is Cladocalyx?

Cladocalyx is classified as a "Class 1 Heavy Hardwood" of exeptional durability and is suited to heavy marnine applications and external building applications.

How long will Cladocalyx timber last?

This is dependent on the application it is being used for, please inquire with regards to your specific application.

What is the difference between air dried timber and kiln dried timber?

This refers to the moisture content in wood. Timber is considered dried when the moisture in the timber equals or is the same as the environment it is installed in. Kiln drying accelerates the drying process. Very dense timbers cannot be kiln dried in large sections. So in essence the difference is in the speed the timber dries.

How long will Timber last?

This is dependent on the type of timber. Timber falls in different categories from class one to four. One being the most durable and four the least durable. Please refer to each species data on the website.

What are the Pro's and Con's of treated timber?

Many traditional methods of treatment are harmful to the environment. Once timber is treated it is considered to be non-recyclable. Reprocessing, burning or decomposing treated timber releases toxic compounds. Softwoods are typically pressure treated and quite often a good quality hardwood offers better long term value than e.g. treated Pine.

How much does it cost?

We have many products and different sizes that we can offer, please get in touch so that we can establish your exact needs, so that we can quote accordingly.

I still have an unanswered question.

Please feel free to contact us all our detail is available on the contact page.

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