Our passion for timber...

At Universal Timber we treat every customer as an individual and give our full support and attention, in order to provide excellent service from start to finish. 


Currently we are the biggest “Log to finish Timber” hardwood production in Cape Town and hold the capacity to supply a large quantity of timber for the local and export markets.


We specialize in various high density durable hardwoods so that we can produce the best quality timber products. One of our focuses is on using local resources and timbers. We are an environmentally conscientious timber suppler.


We process both timbers verified at source, and produce timber from alien species/non-indigenous species.


Our Saw Mill is equipped to process logs of exceptionally large diameters and long lengths to allow the production of custom size products. 


Company Overview:

The company is unique in that it has the capacity and knowledge from felling trees, saw milling the logs and processing the timber right though to a finished product.


It operates a well-equipped engineering division which keeps the mechanically demanding nature of the business running smoothly and also allows us to tackle projects that require steel and timber combinations.


It stays abreast of the latest developments in tooling technology which enables the company to deliver an accurately machined quality product, efficiently.


Company Description:

Universal Timber is a diverse and progressive timber supply & machining company.

It is literally capable of sourcing and machining any timber from around the world into any shape or form.


It has an experienced and dedicated staff compliment, most of whom have spent their working lives in the timber industry.


There is an accumulated timber work experience of approximately 670 years.


Company Mission:

The company’s mission is to supply the market with good valued timber, machined accurately to specification and delivered on time. It is the company’s mission to source timber responsibly and ensures that all by-products are utilized effectively.


One of the foremost objectives is to employ responsibly, maintain a safe and enjoyable work environment.

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